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Sophos Central Server Protection Advanced combineert het whitelisten van serverapplicaties met anti-malware en maakt het mogelijk om de server met één klik te vergrendelen via de eenvoudige en gebruiksvriendelijke Sophos Cloud managementconsole. 

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High-performance server protection with One-click Lockdown Sophos Cloud Server Protection effectively protects your server environment from malicious attacks while keeping your servers running at peak performance. Designed to secure mission critical servers, Sophos Cloud Server Protection integrates server application whitelisting and lockdown with advanced anti-malware and HIPS. And, it’s effortless to deploy, manage, and maintain.


  • Automatic, secure and high performance
  • Integrated server application whitelisting/ lockdown with advanced anti-malware and HIPS
  • One-click Lockdown secures servers in a safe state
  • Can be deployed at anytime, without impacting server performance
  • Cloud-managed means you’re running instantly
  • Automatically sets scanning exclusions

Zero-day protection
Sophos Cloud is the only solution offering cloud-managed server protection integrated with advanced anti-malware, HIPS, and server application whitelisting/lockdown. Know your servers and your data is effectively protected from zero-day attacks.

One-click Lockdown
Sophos Cloud is the only solution that achieves lockdown with a single click, securing your servers in a safe state. With the integration of advanced anti-malware technology, when a user clicks lockdown, Sophos Cloud automatically scans the system and establishes an inventory and whitelists applications. It then locks the connections between applications and associated files such as dll, data files, and scripts. During the lockdown process, Sophos automatically creates trusted change rules to ensure only trusted sources or processes can update the whitelisted applications.

Prevent in-memory attacks
ther whitelisting applications require manual software rules or manually whitelist scripts and other system files. Sophos automatically establishes trusted relationships between applications and associated system files such as scripts, data and DLL files. This process protects the integrity of the applications and prevent malicious in-memory attacks.

Integrated anti-malware, HIPS, and whitelisting
Sophos Cloud Server Protection is the only product on the market that integrates application whitelisting with anti-malware and HIPS, giving you the highest level of security. As a part of the lockdown process, Sophos Cloud automatically performs a full scan, ensuring the server is in a safe state. Once locked down, anti-malware and HIPS work to prevent content-based threats (such as an infected PDF or word document) that exploit vulnerabilities within whitelisted applications.

Simple change management
Sophos Server Authority, Sophos Cloud’s server application intelligence system, dynamically adapts to your server environment and creates trust rules for automatic change management. This makes it easy for your IT admin to apply patches and software updates to servers in lockdown mode

High-performance security built for servers
Sophos Cloud Server Protection’s server-based policies provide out-of-the-box protection, giving you granular controls for both performance and protection. Once whitelisted, if a server is in lockdown mode the performance is further enhanced, as the scanning engine does not need to scan every file. Sophos Cloud Server Protection is priced per server. You can subscribe or add it on to any of our Sophos Cloud Endpoint or Enduser packages. For customers upgrading from Sophos Free Linux Antivirus, there is an option to upgrade Sophos Cloud Server Protection Standard.

Quick to deploy
Sophos Cloud Server Protection is the only cloud-managed server protection solution available. There is no management server or database server required to set up. Our solution deploys to your environment in minutes rather than days. During roll out, Sophos only use excess CPU power to scan your system. You can roll this out at anytime, without slowing down your server performance or needing to schedule maintenance windows.

Automatic scanning exclusion
During set up, Sophos Cloud recognizes popular server applications and sets automatic scanning exclusions to eliminate conflict without compromising security. We’re continually researching and adding new applications to the automatic scanning exclusion list to ensure your servers highperformance and security

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